Monday, 20 January 2003

A story that proves being an idiot in control of a football club is not the sole domain of Charles "f'ing" Koppell

FULHAM's millionaire chairman Mohamed Al-Fayed has told the English Premiership side's fans that his days of lavish spending on the London club are finished.

Egyptian Al-Fayed, who also owns the capital's Harrods department store, has angered Fulham supporters after admitting that he is considering selling Craven Cottage, the club's 107-year-old home to property developers.

The difference between Exhibit A and Exhibit B is, of course, that Al Fayed's money helped Fulham go from the bottom of the 3rd Division to the Premier League. Whereas Koppell came in with Wimbledon at their lowest point and raped the club financially and spiritually leaving behind a shell of a club that has so few fans it would struggle to survive in the Victorian Premier League, let alone the English 1st Division.

Of course Al Fayed expects that he should recieve loyalty and 100% support from the fans no matter what he does because without him they'd still be languishing at the foot of the league. Naturally the fans aren't buying it because it's exactly the same excuse that Sam Hammam used to flog off Wimbledon's Plough Lane to Safeway and move the Dons to Selhurst Park. More than 10 years later they're still there, waiting for permission to make their escape to the (alleged) promised land in Milton (spit) Keynes.

Fulham fans have seen what has happened to our club, and they don't want the same thing to happen to them. In 10 years they might be in the very same position Wimbledon fans found themselves in last year, with their club moving to another city (Brussels, Dublin, Belfast - the possibilities are endless) in order to 'keep it alive'. I'm sure most of them would rather go back to Craven Cottage and the third division than have their team ripped away by a crooked businessman and his shonky dealings.

Of course, this probably all comes as a mystery to most soccer 'fans' who didn't even know the club existed until it was promoted to the Premier League.

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