Monday, 27 January 2003

The cheating Oakland Raiders finally got what they deserved as Tampa Bay recorded a mighty victory for the NFC. Of course, the game was nothing without the Atlanta Falcons, but i've pretty much got used to that by now.

Sadly both ESPN and SBS chose to take the "We think you're all stupid so we'll explain the game step by step" international feed of the game. So we were bombarded with pointless ads imploring us to visit and telling us about the upcoming NFL Europe season. Excitement with a capital E!

The game itself? Who cares? If you haven't already seen the game, or at least highlights, i'm sure you don't really need me to give you a detailed breakdown. Read those sorts of important details here.

For those of you who don't give a monkey's about football and want to hear the entertainment related news Sting's performance of "Message in a Bottle" was going fine until the bint from No Doubt showed up and ruined it as a duet. Also questionable was the choice of notorious French Canadian warbler Celine Dion to sing "America The Beautiful". 180 million people to choose from and they picked a foreigner to sing their backup national anthem. Way to try and get the Canadians to support the American war on everything, lucky it was Avril "F'ing" Lavigne or I would have walked out there and then and missed laughing at Oakland's legion of mutatated and clearly disturbed fans.

Roll on next season, let us face the Georgia Dome and pray for a Falcons championship.

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