Wednesday, 22 January 2003

Great Speeches In Parliament
Number 1: Harradine does Hardcore
28th February, 1999

Senator Brian Greig (Democrats - WA)

"In what I hope was not another attempt to muddy and confuse this debate, Senator Harradine came into this place yesterday with a box of what appeared to be at least 20 videos. Unfortunately, the Senate has not had the opportunity to further investigate the contents of Senator Harradine's box.

I would, however, like to invite Senator Harradine to table those videos that he bought into the Senate, and I indicate that I would support him in doing so. I suggest that he should include with the videos a statement as to where they were purchased and whether they have been classified by the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

I and many other Australians would really like to know exactly how many adult videos Senator Harradine has. Where does he keep them? Are they in his electorate office or here in the parliamentary building? Where were they purchased and by whom?

These are legitimate questions I am asking Senator Harradine, because it was largely through his actions and on his assumptions that the course of this parliamentary debate was derailed"

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