Friday, 24 January 2003

I am hereby declaring that we are living in the worst period for TV advertisements ever. Consider the following examples

- Lleyton Hewitt's embarassing sorbent ad with obligatory "wipe him off the court" gag.

- KIA Rio car ad where a swingers party goes horribly wrong.

- Reese plumbing, featuring a man with a comb over and a woman in a bath becoming sexually excited over the VFA.

- Some rather skanky women getting excited over Max Spas (probably seen in Melbourne only)

- The car ad where the woman can't sing "Walk Like An Egyptian"

And I won't even count the plugging of Channel 9 and 7's new lineup by their sporting commentators.

There are so many other horrific ones going around that I can't handle watching commercial breaks anymore, and I usually sit through them like a trained monkey.

UPDATE - I can't believe I forgot that "Delfin Special Places" rubbish with the god awful theme tune and English bint saying "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriliant!". Again, this is one we only get it Melbourne so for the first time since Bracks was re-elected the rest of you should bow down to your respective god and give thanks that you don't live here.

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