Wednesday, 29 January 2003

Channel 10 blunder watch. From now on, score one point everytime you spot a blatant error in their news.

Tonight's edition - Calling Chelsea's Eidur Gudjohnsen "Eddie".

Still, they will have to do better to beat the all-time Hall of Fame #1 blooper,

Reporting on Australia beating Poland in some shonky Field Hockey tournament somewhere, instead of showing the right footage (which I saw on Channel 9 earlier that day) they played footage of a Malaysian scoring against India - with the scoreboard in the corner proudly displaying the names of the two nations. Still referring to the footage as if they were watching Australia they showed an Asian man jumping up and down celebrating and waving his Malaysian flag with the accompanying voice-over "delighting Aussie fans in the audience".

The worst thing was that it made it onto the 11am news, 5pm news and Sports Tonight without anyone noticing.

Or the time they called the Upfield train line the "Upwey" line. Or (insert any of 300,000 different errors here)...

Absolutely clueless, they should hire me. Adam = Ratings.

PS - I am aware that if it turns out that Gudjohnsen is actually nicknamed "Eddie" then you have the right to rip the piss out of me at embarassing length.

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