Thursday, 16 January 2003

According to some ad I just saw on TV, Lleyton Hewitt has been nominated for Australian of the Year.

Surely you jest? Does he extra points for racially abusing that guy at the US Open a few years ago?

Nobody exactly springs to mind as a deserving candidate (except me, but my nomination form got lost in the massive conspiracy) but surely there's somebody else who has done more than a whinging tennis player. Can't we just hand it over to some unsung heroes or something this year? Even better, let's give it to Steve Leibman - without his sage advice I wouldn't have any idea how to ring the Terror Hotline in times of great national emergency.

Here's the awards website, see if you can work out what the hell is going on with this award - because I sure can't.

This would make four sports stars in the last six years (Hewitt, Pat Rafter, Mark Taylor and Cathy Freeman) and you can justifiably argue that Freeman is the only one of the lot who actually deserved it.

Of course, these are the people who gave the award to Alan Bond in 1978 - so view it with appropriate suspicion.

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