Wednesday, 29 January 2003

Further proof, as if you needed it, that Oakland is the arsehole of the universe.

Parents just don't understand the new rage with Oakland kids. It's called a 'whistle tip' and it attaches to a car’s muffler to make the car screechingly loud.

Well, Oakland residents are fed up with the noise but they are being told it's legal.

Every muffler shop in Oakland is installing whistler tips. It's a piece of metal welded inside the exhaust pipes that makes the car audible for a mile.

"The whistles go whoo whoo," says whistle fan Bubb Rubb.

"Anybody who has it in their neighborhood is going to be totally driven crazy," says one resident.

Roxanne Bruns says the high-pitched tone like the squeal of a BART train that doesn't stop is keeping her awake at night. Police have told her it is perfectly legal.

Bubb Rubb the trailer park called, a tornado has just destroyed your home. They do win points for calling their trains BART though.

No wonder the Golden State Warriors NBA team don't admit the city they play in, would YOU want to be associated with these idiots?

Maybe they do have some competition though,

South Dakota legislators took the first step Friday toward approving a law that will make it illegal to have sex with animals.

The bill, endorsed 8-4 by the House Judiciary Committee, would make bestiality a felony punishable by up to two years in prison.

Yes, that's right. Four people actually voted in favour of shagging animals. Why isn't Bush fighting a war on this?

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