Thursday, 30 January 2003

I can't find a link to it anywhere, but did anyone else see that story on the news about the dumbass who emailed a threat to poison Melbourne's water supplies to the Paranoia Hotline? His motivation was that he wanted stock prices manipulated. No word whether or not he was dumb enough to do it under his own name from his own house or office or if he actually made if difficult for ASIO to nick him.

I'm sure glad that so much of OUR money is being used to provide an outlet for the mad, sad and lonely to have a chat to/threaten somebody.

Meanwhile, could you remember the number to call them if you actually saw something suspicious? Of course not, you'd still call 000 like the rest of us. You can be sure though that every single crackpot in Australia has in the first auto-dial slot on their phone.

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