Wednesday, 22 January 2003

>From the ever reliable Portal of Evil News...

Critic of U.S. foreign policy is also critic of US age of consent.

Once Iraq's strongest critic, Ritter in recent years has come to regard America as "the arrogant international bully" - and never passes up a media opportunity to say so.

Last year, he took $400,000 from a Saddam sympathizer to make a tiresome "documentary" that opened to deservedly bad reviews.

But the ex-Marine is still one of the left-wing media's favorite talking heads and a star attraction at anti-war rallies - because his past weapons-inspector credentials supposedly legitimize his non-stop America-bashing.

Well, here's something Scott Ritter doesn't want to talk about - his arrest in upstate New York nearly two years ago on charges he got all hot and bothered online with a 14-year-old.

I love POE, headlines that the Chaser would be proud of attached to real stories. Genius.

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