Friday, 31 January 2003

"NZ boycott Kenya match". Those weak bastards owe me the money I put on them to win the tournament. Britain has had more terror attacks in the last 10 years than Kenya and i'm sure they wouldn't chicken out of playing there. They can't even take the pissy Australian/English defence of not liking the government, after all Kenya just elected it's first democratic PM for many years. As if terrorists wouldn't just travel to South Africa to attack the World Cup if they really wanted to.

No team with that little testicular fortitude could possibly win such a gruelling tournament, South Africa are going to romp it in.

(Insert your own flawless transitional sentance here)

Technology related question - If AOL folds, what ISP will the 13-year-old "I WILL BE HAX0RING YOUR PUteR!?!11?" faction of the internet use instead?

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