Wednesday, 29 January 2003

As much as you want to take the woman who left her kiddies in the car the other day when it was 44degrees and bounce her head off the pavement a few times you've got to at least give her some credit for the incredible crime spree she managed to pull off on the day.

* Showed up at the shopping centre off her face on Cloud Valium, after popping 21 of them.
* Parked in a disabled space.
* Locked the kids in a boiling hot car.
* Had a fight with somebody in the supermarket.
* Got pinched trying to shoplift something.
* Sped off at top speed afterwards.

That's six crimes, with varying degrees of moral outrage, in one morning. Now the kids have been given back to their alcoholic and registered Methadone addict father.

We're still better than Oakland.

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