Friday, 17 January 2003

Good, Mark "The Dud" Philapousis (misspelt? Who cares!) lost tonight on Centre Court to Sargis Sargisian of Armenia.

I think i'll go for him now (although I expect Little Leyton - Australian of the Year to win it), for three reasons

1 - He's from a country nobody associates with tennis
2 - He beat that (expletive deleted) Philapousis
3 - His country's flag (pictured left) has colors that remind me of a rather famous sporting institution (if you discount the big arse orange thing at the bottom as i'm choosing to do.)

As far as the women's draw goes I usually don't give a monkeys, but we'll follow tradition and go for the always delightful Patty Schnyder (page in German, but don't tell me you watch women's tennis for the sporting aspect) to roll right through new flavor-of-the-week Hantuchova, past manbeast Venus Williams and onto her first Grand Slam victory.

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