Monday, 20 January 2003

I've said previously, on more than one occasion, that i'll be supporting Namibia in the Cricket World Cup. After reading this I may as well go and live there, they are obviously a very sensible people.

"A lot of people have asked me how I'll deal with facing Brett Lee,"said Namibian skipper Deon Kotze. "I hope this doesn't sound arrogant but I'll try not to lose a lot of sleep. At the end of the day he is another man with the ball in his hand."

See? He doesn't even scare people who can't actually play cricket.

I'm sure the Namibian boys will do me (us? Join the crusade!) proud in South Africa.

And Australia? Adam 'god' Gilchrist can do whatever he likes and the rest of them (especially Darren Lehmann) can fuck off as far as i'm concerned.

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