Tuesday, 28 January 2003

Remember the highly dubious decision by the head of NSW cricket to hand NSW's Brett Lee the man-of-the-match honors in Sydney, NSW a few weeks ago? Well, I do.

Obviously whoever votes for the Allan Border medal doesn't take massive bags of cash under the table from Indian bookies, because they made the right decision and awarded Adam Gilchrist the 3 votes. Thanks to that he justly won the One Day Player of the Year, pushing the Marketing Tool into a highly undeserved 2nd place. Live by fraud, die by fraud.

The only downside to the result is that it ruined a killer gag I had all set and ready to go in case he won it. You win some, you lose some.

Meanwhile, could this awards ceremony be any more boring? Thank god I was only watching it in the ads of something else or i'm sure I would have been crying out for death's loving touch after 10 minutes of filler interviews with Matthew Hayden.

I was also shattered that Chappelli didn't drop the F word in his Hall of Fame acceptance. Stopped watching it right there.

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