Tuesday, 28 January 2003

Hawthorn East* has really gone downhill in the last year. When I moved in three and a half years ago it was all very quiet and nice, now every yobbo and generally irritating person has moved in - most of them right outside my window.

I cannot take this much longer, being woken up at all sorts of strange hours by dogs barking and crap music. Some mornings it's like living in the fucking Metro there's so much techno in the air.

Despite all this I am a total hypocrite and would be happy to live next to a railway line if it was cheap. You can get used to trains though, I will never get used to the evil sound of that freaking dog barking it's head off every morning.

Compounding all this is the fact that I can't tell who the noises are coming from because there are three different backyards outside my window, unless of course it's the alcoholic perverts right outside, i'll be laughing when the terror hotline nicks them.

* A valuable clue for would-be stalkers.

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