Sunday, 19 January 2003

Alright then, i'm (sort of) over my Bush rant and I had better shut up on the issue before the FBI/CIA/ASIO and MI5 are at my door. Well, at the door of the place i'm posting this from anyway, ha ha.

It's been a mixed night for sporting results, AFC Wimbledon are currently winning but South Melbourne lost in Perth earlier tonight.

Please tell me, though, that at least one of you Western blog type people were listening to 6PR's call of the game and subsequent talkback session. Because you would have heard a certain "Adam from Melbourne" ring up long-distance and give the pissweak commentary team (and especially their beloved leader) both barrels about their lack of objectivity and knowledge of the game. Here's a recap from one of the fine people at the Perth forum...

I heard it on the way home in the car. It was the very last call and I just about pissed myself. There's you saying how you'd tuned in because you thought it would be refreshing to hear the commentary in English instead of Greek, and I could sense George's head swelling at this point, only for you to tell him his call was utter crap and you'd be going back to the Greek version. He was totally caught out and went off his face, behind the scenes anyway. On the radio he abused the shit out of you but I was laughing so much I can't remember his words. Classic. Well done mate

Proud to be of service. This ranks alongside the time we called 3AW in the middle of the night and told them that we'd started our own pirate station and that 1278 was going to become an Industrial German Funk station at 6am that morning and when I went on talking about how much I hated Anna Kournikova and somebody yelled "She's a slut!" right into the telephone. They apparently don't turn the seven second delay on at that time of the morning, so you can go on and talk about any subject you like.

Feel free to call your favourite talkback provider (not Stan Zemanik anymore if you live in Melbourne thank god) and plug this site to them. I'll be forever greatful.

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