Friday, 17 January 2003

Of all the DOS games that have ever cried out for a remake Floor 13 surely has the best case of all.

The point to the game is to run the British Department of Intelligence. Of course (in the game - and, ask the CIA, probably in real life) this involves committing most of the atrocities we laugh at conspiracy theory junkies for talking about.

You read news and intelligence reports of suspects, famous people, locations and pressure groups (both pro and anti government) and decide how they all connect and how to deal with them. Options include Surveillance, Pursuit, Search, Interrogation and, erm, 'Removal'

It has a rather steep learning curve, so if you do download it expect to be fired or meet the infamous "Mr. Garcia" a few times before you get it right.

The last line of the review sums it up perfectly,

"Warning: this game contains controversial elements that may offend some, such as allowing you to torture prisoners to extract information. Proceed at your own risk."

One of the best games, EVER!

Who wants to go in with me to buy the rights, set the new version in the USA and watch copies of it fly off the shelf at 100mph?

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