Monday, 20 January 2003

More than anything else people write in and ask me why I call myself Supermercado. So I present you this explanation I gave on a forum ages ago (30/9/02 to be precise, I love archives)

I saw a video clip once where all these idiots were rolling around in shopping trolleys, and they went past a huge sign that said "SUPERMERCADO". Maybe it was that the sign was in a hypnotic green color or something but it stuck.

Now I have 5000 Spanish people harassing me on Messenger and ICQ everyday asking me why i'm called "Supermarket". But it's the price I have to pay.

So, it's got nothing to do with the guy off Foxtel. That's just a mad coincidence that will probably end in legal action.

Incidentally, if anyone knows what that video was then please tell me. I want a screen-cap of the immortal moment when they go past the sign.

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