Thursday, 23 January 2003

Canadian schoolkids say, Dude Where's My Bong?

Students at a high school say they see nothing wrong with making drug-smoking paraphernalia in ceramics class and are upset a teacher has destroyed their work.


"Manchester station Key 103 ran the sweepstake on the day the convicted murderer (Myra Hindley) was given last rites in hospital. Listeners were invited to guess the time of her death, with the closest receiving UKP 500... "It captured something of the mood of the audience, providing our listeners with the opportunity to express their often very impassioned views about Miss Hindley."

And finally, today's #1 conspiracy theory, from those investigative geniuses at the Mirror.

When half a dozen witnesses to the crash of flight 93 in Pennsylvania on 9/11 reported seeing an unknown type of military aircraft stalking the jetliner, the Govt said it was a civilian Fairchild Falcon 20. But what about the sonic boom recorded at 9.22am by a USGS station near the crash site? And why would a one-ton section of the engine and other debris land up to 8 miles away from the impact site (with only a 10 mph breeze) if flight 93 hadn't been shot in the air? Can anyone say Aurora?

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