Saturday, 1 January 2005

Meet the class of 2005

So the Rotten Dead Pool 2004 has been run and won by six seperate players who scored six apiece. I, on the other hand, proved the ultimate good luck charm for my list - only managing to rack up one for the year (Ronald Reagan). What heroic potential victims are leading the charge this year? Meet Supermercado2005 - the year of (not) living dangerously.

Returning from last season
We couldn’t bump them off last year but prospects are still high for…

* Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen - Former Queensland Premier. Was supposedly about to snuff it 6 months ago. Still kicking on.
* Jake “The Snake” Roberts - Wrestler and former crack addict
* Anna Nicole Smith - Celebrity bimbo
* Efrem Zimbalist Jr - 87 years young.
* Pope John Paul II - Massive fan favourite.

New to the side

* Ghazi al-Yawar - President of Iraq. The only job will less long-term prospects than coaching Richmond
* Ernest Borgnine - Almost 88 years old.
* Courtney Love - Every possible chance.
* Rodney King - Star of an award winning LAPD 1991 video production.
* Prince Phillip - 84 years of the craziest gaffes and mad shenanigans

* Osama Bin Laden - A potentially costly omission. In my opinion will continue to evade capture throughout the year. If he snuffs it and 15000 other people pick it my chances of victory will almost certainly be ruined.
* Stephen King - Completely random selection that failed miserably.
* Max Hardcore - Now seriously, I just wanted to have somebody called “Max Hardcore” in the side last year.
* Hunter S Thompson - Will probably kick it now just to spite me.
* Ronald Reagan - RIP

So the core of last year’s failed squad is back and we’ve added some hot new prospects. Look for big things from the team this year.

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