Thursday, 27 January 2005

Going off for Australia

How entertaining is it that for the second consecutive year Little Lleyton Hewitt was interrupted in the middle of an important tennis match on centre court of Melbourne Park by Australia Day fireworks? After last year’s scandal when John So pushed the big red button and “our” Lleyton went to pieces he must have almost shed a tear when he heard the explosions start last night.

Meanwhile watch the entire nation pretend they’re huge tennis fans as they punt him home in the semi final. If he wins then more power to him but I can’t be the only one who’s starting to die of boredom everytime the media - or bogan fans - start analysing him, the way he acts on court or his relationships. I just don’t care. It’s hard to find sympathy for the filthy rich but it’s much easier to work on scorn for suburban bogans who fill the huge voids in their life by living vicariously through a sports star.

UPDATE - Anti Lleyton backlash! Please expect forty overweight women from Niddrie at your house after dark tonight. They will be burning giant tennis racquets on your lawn.

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