Thursday, 20 January 2005

Extreme Blog Sports

It’s amazing how conversations about menial household tasks randomly develop into Festivus style feats of strength,

On that note - in association with Hecho En Mexico and our major sponsor (without knowing it) Kambrook I’m proud to announce the first annual,

BlogIron2005 - Ironing with the Stars*

In today’s society, many professionals with too little time in their busy, organised lives send their clothes to professional drycleaners, or leave the work up to mothers, maid servants or contracted laundry companies instead of washing their own belongings, like in “the good old days”. As an unfortunate consequence of this social phenomenon, the art of the iron is rapidly being lost, from amongst our batchelors and youngsters alike.

Faced with this impending crisis and potential national ironing skill shortage, two twenty-something - or damn near close to - males have decided to promote and preseve the ancient tradition of - the household iron. They are committed to the challenge, and plan to face off live and exclusive in a one-on-one contest to display their excellence in the ancient Western discipline of ironing - to decide once and for all who is the official “King of Steam”.

Judging will be conducted by an expert panel of celebrity guest judges who’ll provide marks based on quality of iron, board technique, speed, flair and anything else we can make up. Of course we don’t know any celebrities - and Bob Hatfield off ACP turned us down - so if you want to be a guest judge please write in via the comments and we’ll be happy to have you.
Events will include tandem ironing, synchronised ironing, mens shirt freestyle, 400mm delicates, Open Starching, high temperature permanent press, and synthetics with wet tea-towel.

More information as it comes to hand. Venue, profiles, rules, TV start times etc… And If we can poach him from Channel 7, it’ll be hosted by Darryl Somers.

P.S - As usual the guy on the left of the picture who looks half dead is me. I’m not sure why every photo ever taken of me was on that one night but it’s convenient that I look like that most of time anyway. What was up with the hair? Your guess is certainly as good as mine. It was raining alright?

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