Thursday, 27 January 2005

Musical Whinge

Is it just me that think it’s a bit pissweak when bands walk off and then mysteriously reappear two minutes later after the assembled bogans have yelled “MORE! MORE! MORE!” Tradition be damned - it’s a farce. The encore is usually on the set-list - there’s no doubt that they’re going to come back - so you can retain your dignity and hear more songs.

I’d like to see an entire audience just leave the moment the lights go on and the band walk off. Then they come back, nobody’s there and they end up playing encores to an empty room a’la New Order. Or when one of those announcer jackoffs does a “DO YOU WANT MORE?” speech the entire crowd just goes mild and yells back “YEH, IF YOU CAN BE BOTHERED. I’D RATHER GO HOME TO BE HONEST”.

And anybody who leaves their one hit wonder until the encore should be shot. I’m still burning over MC Hammer at Flinders Park in 1990 - the crowd almost rioted when he didn’t do U Can’t Touch This until the encore.

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