Wednesday, 26 January 2005

From TSP to you - with love

TSP = NOT the Victorian Blog of the year*. The prominent Italian plumbing figure pictured above was so distressed at the turn of events that he decided to go the goatse option at the top of the page as promised. And rightfully so too.

Now I’m off to the post-ceremony party to do crack cocaine with Pete Doherty and attempt to shag a notable Hollywood skank. Simultaneously.

* To be honest I haven’t even seen the result yet. I think it’s a fair assumption though.
** We apolgise for any distress caused by the above picture. Please tell your children that it’s something else. What? I have no idea. Make it up. You lie about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny don’t you? Shouldn’t be too hard to cover up the aforementioned Italian plumber showing his ass.
*** I was going to turn the comments off so people couldn’t even complain. But then I realised that there’s 20 days worth of other posts that you’d just whinge in instead. So I didn’t bother. Go wild!

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