Wednesday, 12 January 2005

More, More, Moreland (How do you like it?)

At what point of this episode would you have realised something was slightly dodgy and fled the scene?

Thomas Grimm, a former assistant principal at Kerkstra Middle School in Oak Forest, pleaded guilty Friday to sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy in his office… Grimm answered the judge’s questions in a quiet voice, admitting that he directed the child to perform oral sex on him while the boy was in his office on a disciplinary matter in May 2003. When Grimm asked the boy to take down his own pants, the boy became uncomfortable and left the office, according to [prosecutor Kate Moreland]. The boy recorded the incident on an audiotape recorder that was hidden in his pocket. Grimm told police that it was his voice on the tape, Moreland said. The child told police that he hid the tape recorder because Grimm had made sexual advances on him in the past and he wanted to be prepared if it happened again.”

Now the article doesn’t make it entirely clear whether the directions were followed but it implies they were. So explain to me how and why the kid knew the principal was a dirty pervert but still blew him and only ‘became uncomfortable’ when he was asked to drop his own strides. Then he just walked out. Why not just walk out right from the start? Mysterious.

Meanwhile how long until the tape is on the net. Fatboy Slim remix is a must.

Community Service Announcement: If your teacher is a dirty perv ship him/her to the cops immediately on 000. Before you actually shag them.

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