Friday, 14 January 2005

Striding towards a facist society

I’ve got another society improving concept. Let’s revolutionise the 12 items or less queue. Am I the only one who is continually shattered to see people sneaking in with 57 things wedged into a tiny shopping basket and trying to pretend that they’re just buying some milk and eggs? I don’t think so. If supermarkets aren’t going to enforce it - and let’s face it why should the person behind the check-out give a damn when they’re only getting $2 an hour or something - I suggest a complex system of automated devices. Give the punters a bit of an overrun so they can sneak 13 or 14 items through but once the 15th is scanned then alarms must go off loudly and the counter must automatically lock. Then a team of burly security guards will take the offender by his or her arms and eject them forcibly from the store while a crack team of operatives return the items to the shelves where they belong.

Let us strive towards an era of streamlined supermarketing and efficient shopping practices.

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