Friday, 7 January 2005

Radio Friendly

Are you chained to your radio, struggling to contain yourself waiting for the next blockbusting edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday? Well now you can have the joy of listening to the same shit music as I do thanks to the good people at Last.Fm. With the added bonus of not having to hear a couple of bogans waffling on between each track. And you can skip the ones it does throw up if you really object - which could be helpful when you land straight in the middle of a six-in-a-row from The Fall.

Yes indeed it’s your own personal Radio Supermercado whenever and wherever you like. You have to sign up but it’s a formality - give them your email address at for all they care. Random sample of the first ten songs it picked out and played at me…

* The Rolling Stones - Shake Your Hips
* Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
* Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman
* Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only
* The Smiths - Still Ill
* My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss
* Madness - Our House
* Prince - Little Red Corvette
* The Jam - Happy Together
* Lou Reed - How Do You Think It Feels

Certainly shits all over Triple M and their new random playlist. You could be doing worse while you’re at work/pissfarting around on the internet/jacking over Swedish midget pron. I won’t accept commercial radio again until the day I hear selections from Berlin played on it. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that the new Melbourne station is going to play farcically uncommercial music all day and make me their head programmer. If it didn’t ensure that you ended up on a special list at Federal Police headquarters I’d ring up and request the one where they made the kiddies cry by taking them into the studio and telling them that their mum had died. Classic.

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