Thursday, 6 January 2005

Electoral College = Farce

From Wikipedia’s 2004 presidential election article

One elector in Minnesota cast a ballot for president with the name of “John Ewards” (sic) written on it; the Electoral College officials certified this vote as a vote for John Edwards for president. None of the electors admitted to casting the Edwards vote for President; it is assumed to be an honest mistake. The remaining 9 cast ballots for John Kerry. All ten electors in the state cast ballots for John Edwards for Vice President.

Honest mistake? What an red hot lunatic. Their entire job is to rock up and vote for one candidate and one candidate only - one of the two guys who has had his head on television non-stop for the last six months and he/she gets there and somehow manages to ‘accidentally’ vote for the wrong guy and spell his name wrong at the same time. Tool. It also means he voted for Edwards (or Ewards if you insist) to be both President and Vice President at the same time.

That’s some crazy system they’ve got happening there.

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