Friday, 7 January 2005

Decisions, decisions

Tomorrow night you’ve got two standout options. Tune in to 7, 9 or 10 at 8.30pm for the Australia Unites telethon.

or… The Comedy Channel @ 8.30pm for,


Do people really need to see Rove McManus join Eddie McGuire and those two twats off Sunrise before they’ll give money to a perfectly worthy cause? Obviously not because we’ve forked over a fortune already. I’m all in favour of gouging out every last cent but must we do it with added Guy Sebastian and the stars of Home and Away?

Watch Porky’s in protest I say. Unless the telethon can provide an All-Star, cross-network, newsreader lesbian fingerbang featuring Tracey Grimshaw, Jennifer Keyte and Jessica Lane then I shan’t be tuning in.

You should, however, hand money over in spades to the following “no stars of Australian Idol present” charity organisations,

Care Australia
Red Cross

In fact give to the telethon as well - but only watch it during the ads of the delightful teen sex romp.

UPDATE - There’s at least one person who’ll be defiantly having a pull at 8.3o tomorrow night and not handing over dollars,

The Australian Shareholders Association has expressed disapproval at companies pledging money to the tsunami relief effort in Asia, saying they have no approval for their philanthropy.

Association spokesman Stephen Matthews says firms should not generally give without expecting something in return.

Mr Matthews says that in most circumstances, donations should only be made in situations that are likely to benefit the company through greater market exposure.

Maybe they could put Coke t-shirts on the rescue workers and prop some bloody corpses up and put a can of Diet Coke with Vanilla in their hands? What an absolute crunt.

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