Saturday, 29 January 2005

Your move Cometti

A three second blast of one of the greatest moments in sports commentary history.

The scene, the last day of the 1995-96 English Premier League season. Either Blackburn or Manchester *spit* United are going to win the league. Our hero is calling the game between Blackburn and Liverpool.. This poorly recorded soundbite taken from the DVD “Premier League Goals of the Decade”..

The ball sits just outside the penalty area as he starts. Halfway through the sentence a Liverpool player cracks a stunning long-range shot into the net…

“The jury’s still out on the championship race OH MY GOD!”

No punctuation. He just goes ballistic. It’s the most genuinely shocked reaction I’ve ever heard. Classic.

It’s this sort of freak occurance that makes a very good case for soccer football as the best sport on earth. Personally I’ll always prefer Aussie Rules as there’s more variables involved in it but the real brand of football runs a very close second. When you cut scoring down to a bare minimum it makes it so much more exciting when it does happen - and when it comes out of nowhere (i.e Matthew Le Tissier vs Wimbledon - every year of the 1990’s) it’s even more heart-stopping.

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