Friday, 14 January 2005

Stereotype buried

However did New Zealand get a reputation as a nation of sheep fuckers? Was there one guy who got caught out by a travelling 1902 Australian cricket team and ended up becoming the butt of every joke for the next century?

It now turns out that they might not be so interested in sheep after all. It’s goats that have to watch their ass.

A Nelson man has appeared in court for a second time for attempting to have sex with a goat.

George Kepa, a 41-year-old unemployed man, pleaded guilty in Nelson District Court yesterday to bestiality and unlawfully entering a building.

Police prosecutor Chris Stringer said Kepa went to visit a friend on January 7.

The friend was asleep and Kepa went to a tin shed where the goat was kept, took some of his clothes off and attempted to have sex with it, Mr Stringer said.

Judge Paul Whitehead remanded Kepa until February 1 for a pre-sentence drug and alcohol report.

In 2002, Kepa was sentenced to 80 hours’ community work and 18 months supervision for committing an indecency with a goat.

Of course I’m sure every website in New Zealand has a link to a story about some guy from Horsham planting one on a Doberman. Why Horsham? Seems like a dog molesting town to me.

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