Saturday, 15 January 2005

Matchday Report

I’ve pondered (rather briefly I must admit) how best to cover last night’s wildly successful Melbourne Blogbang. Given that I wouldn’t usually write about any sort of pissed-up bar tilt anyway it’s especially dodgy given that more than half the people who read this site (non search engine perverts and freaks category) were present. So I’m not really going to bother. Suffice to say that everyone there was quite ace and I didn’t manage to start a feud with anyone despite the prominently lefty crowd and my shameful political past.

The “pick your own song” tilt proved outrageously successful despite the fact that it was being run on an Ipod (yes, that was me whinging and waving a Creative Nomad Mp3 player at the operator). The playlist there had so much on it that I’ve been trying to get for ages that I briefly considered jumping the bar, pinching it, running away, copying it all to a decent device and then throwing the evidence into the sea. For the record I made them play the following. Classic hits one and all,

* Float On - Modest Mouse * That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore - The Smiths * God’s Cop - Happy Mondays * Hit The North - The Fall * Gold - Spandau Ballet * Joe’s Head - Kings of Leon* Down In The Park - Gary Numan * Straight Outta Compton - NWA *

And didn’t the crowd just rise as one when Gold came on? Was it;

a) An appreciation of early 80’s New Romantic music?
b) A roomful of people who have played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and listened to it while they beat a traffic cop to death with a baseball bat?
c) “Dancing to anything” syndrome fuelled by excessive alcohol consumption?

My money’s on c) to be honest. Although if you’ve got fond memories of GTA’s Wave FM radio station please write in

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That last one is an actual blog link and not an attempt at acquiring street cred by talking like ‘the kids’. Believe ‘dat playa.

There’s a sizeable - and comprehensive - list of people who were there here along with a run-down from the major organiser himself. Don’t be fooled about my name being on the flyer - that was purely for sex appeal. The only task I was given - to shift conversation from the front of the room to the back - failed miserably due to the fact that I’m crap at making conversation. I did, however, get to pose in an organisers photo so when people look back in 50 years time they’ll think I was up to my neck in it. Yay.

Did any scandal emerge from the night? I’m sure nobody’s going to post about it if they scored but go on - drop some hints. Make ‘em up if you have to. If you just want to dish on people ring me up or something. I’m in the book.

I look forward to the next Blogbang. We should have a combined one with Sydney in Albury.

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