Saturday, 8 January 2005

WORST defence ever

Bar none. If there has been a worse one in recent times I’d like to see it.

Ian Finlay of Shadyside, a former computer security expert at Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Internet policing center, told a Westmoreland County jury yesterday that he was baiting state police in the summer of 2003 when he solicited a 15-year-old Latrobe girl for sex in online chat rooms and e-mails. After exchanging more than 60 sometimes-explicit e-mails with a policeman posing as ‘Kelly,’ Finlay was arrested outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Hempfield Aug. 22, 2003, where the ‘couple’ had agreed to meet for sex… Finlay, 28, said he knew police were then training at Edinboro University on how to pose as girls and nab child molesters who solicit youngsters for sex on the Internet. He decided to pull a prank on the police, he said. ‘I always had a real dislike for cops,’ he told the jury.”

So he knew it was all a scam eh? Then why did he show up at the meeting place? I suppose he was merely going to laugh in the police faces and then walk off. What a twat.

Pulling a prank indeed. That’s absolutely rotten. I can’t believe he’s trying to get away with it on that basis. Throw away the key just for that.

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