Sunday, 2 January 2005

I don’t get mad, I get stabby

Kids, celebrate your coming of age by knifing somebody at the pub!

A TEENAGER celebrating his 18th birthday was due in court today after allegedly stabbing three people during a Perth pub brawl.

West Australian police said today the 18-year-old was drinking at Leederville Hotel in Perth last night when he allegedly became involved in a fight with two other patrons.

When the altercation spilled out onto the street about 11.30pm (WST) the 18-year-old allegedly pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the other two men, a police spokesman said.

The teenager’s mate became an accidental third victim when he stepped in to try and break up the fight, the spokesman said.

“All three were taken to hospital but none of their injuries were life threatening,” he said.

Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the future of Australia.

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