Saturday, 8 January 2005

Meet the Press

The Mark Phillapousis explosion (part 345) at the tennis press-conference the other day reminded me of much I love it when those things go horribly wrong.

Of course my favourite is the incident highlighted on the now sadly deceased Maynard’s Rewind show on Channel V a few years back where some bogan Aussie journalist asked William Shatner if he’d ever experienced any hardship because he had the word SHAT in his last name. Cue the Shat sitting there, looking absolutely mystified and asking for clarification. So the journo asked it again with some minor explanation as to why he should be ashamed. He just sat there for a while looking incredulous that somebody would actually ask such a stupid question before a publicist dived in and saved him by calling for the next question.

Naturally it was made ten times more hillarious by the fact that the words “SHAT” would start flashing on the screen randomly throughout it all. What a top show that was.

Your favourite press conference disasters in the comments please. I know there’s a million of them but I can only think of one off the top of my head.

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