Tuesday, 4 January 2005

Pron family falls apart (Version Two)

TSP readers - and horny google teenagers - everywhere thrilled to the story we posted on December 19th about British porn star Gemma Johnson and her ALLEGED attempts to knock off her husband. Now a new story emerges…

Gemma Johnson revealed how James Edwards invited men to come to their home and film her having lesbian sex with other girls. Whenever the frightened youngster refused to co-operate violent Edwards - 17 years her senior - attacked her, pushing her face into a Hoover bag until she almost suffocated, strangling her and punching and kicking her in the stomach. And when Gemma told him she was leaving him he poured a kettleful of boiling water over her body and face… After she left, vengeful spina bifida sufferer Edwards took an overdose - and then lied to police that Gemma had helped him take the pills. Bristol Crown Court cleared her and found him guilty of grievous bodily harm over the terrifying kettle attack.

Draw your own conclusions. I will say that I’m not shocked in the slightest that a quality comic paper like the News of the World is coming out in support of a nude model and porn star. They’ll have her on the front cover next. Did one Mr. P Weller say it best about that particular newspaper? I think so.

Remember if you want to see pictures of Ms. Johnson with no pants on there’s a link in the original post. Not safe for work - unless you’re a catholic priest.

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