Thursday, 27 January 2005

Smash McNasty

He may very well have been the first man to take direct action against the high price of snackfood at major sporting events, and his car ad thrilled… somebody. But these days anytime you see the words Damir Dokic in a news story you’re assured that it’s going to be further evidence of what a complete cunt he is.

Quoth Fox Sports,

SERBIAN and former Australian tennis player Jelena Dokic has had surgery on her nose to correct breathing problems allegedly caused when her father hit her, according to reports in Croatia.

Weekly newspaper Extra quoted Zagreb doctor Duje Ostojic who performed the surgery at his clinic.

“The top of her nose was operated on. This will allow her to breathe normally,” Dr Ostojic said.

The newspaper claimed Dokic was hit by her father Damir some time in the last two years and the blow damaged her nose.

She has reportedly had breathing problems in the last year as a result.

The newspaper also wrote that Dokic’s controversial father had threatened her with violence on many occasions over poor results on the court.

Dokic cut off her ties with her father following a number of incidents at tournaments that led him to be banned from courtside at grand slams and other major tennis events.

Last year before Wimbledon, he was reported in the Serbian media as saying he thought it would be best if his daughter was kidnapped and taken away from her coach and boyfriend whom he blamed for her fall in world rankings.

“Quite literarily, she should be kidnapped to save her from her boyfriend and her coach,” he said.

He added he believed she was using drugs and kidnapping was the only way to save her and return her to top form.

Damir Dokic has repeatedly blamed his daughter’s Croatian coach Borna Bikic and his brother, Jelena’s boyfriend Tino Bikic, for her lower ranking.

“The two of them are people of dubious moral and professional standards,” he had said.

“I want WTA to ask for additional psychiatric and doping tests for my daughter to confirm whether she uses illegal substances.

“Two years ago she was the fourth player in the world and look where is she now on the WTA list. This happened because she stopped having a relationship with her family.”

Check out that second last paragraph. Capt’n Nutbags actually wants them to give her psychiatric tests.

What a soap opera that girl’s career turned out to be. It was all very tragic. Even when the rest of the nation were frantically pulling themselves as she knocked then #1 Martina Hingis out of Wimbledon a few years ago I couldn’t get excited. She always looked as if she was doing the whole sporting thing with a gun pressed firmly in her lower back.

Obviously she left the big split with the Capt’n a bit too late as she now resides in the “where are they now” file. I’m sure, though, given the choice of being an obscure journeyman (woman?) tennis-player or having a complete fuckwit physically abuse us and run every aspect of our lives that most of us would gladly choose anonymity.

Her opponent in that quickly forgotten first round match had the right idea. Martina Hingis got sick of the game, took her millions of dollars and headed for the hills before she even reached her mid 20’s. Seems like the sensible option to me.

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