Sunday, 2 March 2003

I unfortunately had to venture to the disaster by the docklands again last night for the Melbourne/North Melbourne Wizard Cup debacle. Both teams were awful, but sadly Melbourne were worse and our out of the pre-season competition.

However, there was more than the game to whinge about - which always makes me happy. The scoreboard takes the direct feed from Channel 9 but plasters a massive "TELSTRA DOME" logo over the score/time box in the top left corner, thus rendering the entire scoreboard fugly. And it was also the first time i've ever been rained on whilst indoors - a big hand to the idiot who decided to put nothing between gate-style fencing and a section of the seats. Foolish.

Sure Melbourne and North are two of the lowest drawing teams in the AFL, but you can't really blame those who didn't show up (and the 10,113 who did should get a fricking endurance medal) because it's such a god awful place.

I dare not check the fixture to see the next time I have to go there, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let those be all the games I miss through working.

In conclusion - North Melbourne bad, Melbourne worse, Telstra Dome absolutely shithouse.

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