Wednesday, 5 March 2003

I presume from the number of idealistic schoolkiddies in the city this afternoon that today was the official "wag school if you're against war" wankfest. [Presumption correct] By my calculations that only 10% of the ones who don't go to school actually show up to the protest (the rest are presumably off injecting illicit substances and mugging old grannies) Victoria's schools must have been quite empty today. I'm sure this was fair excuse to open the liquor cabinet and get hammered for the teachers at my old school.

An even better sight than hordes of uptight school kids was that of notorious electoral bungler Robert Dean standing at the traffic lights opposite Parliament House looking forlornly towards his old workplace. He was probably going in to do something for one of the five or six remaining Liberal MP's or to organise the forklift to pick up his massive superannuation payout but i'd prefer to think he had been standing there all day waiting for somebody to recognise him and say "Ahh Robert, we're having a parliamentary crisis - you're the only man who can save us now". See, even though he pretty much cost us the election i'm still looking out for his interests.

Back later with much bloggage on a subject very important to me.

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