Saturday, 8 March 2003

I got caught in the middle of ANOTHER anti-war wankfest today. You'd almost start to think that I cared about the war. It was fairly stereotypical, bogans in Che Guevara t-shirts and Nike shoes waving placards and singing (yes singing) touching songs about prominent political figures.

Comically enough they lost the goodwill of most of the public by ruining public transport services down Swanston Street and stopping people getting to the GP.

I would have suggested to them that if they'd spent more time trying to get people not to vote for John Howard at the last Federal Election then they might not be in the position they are now. Then I remembered that Beazley would have caved in to the Americans in an equally quick fashion had he been PM and noticed that they didn't exactly seem like peace-friendly people (they went off when some guy pulled a US flag out from the onlookers) so I shut up.

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