Friday, 14 March 2003

Speaking of government (sort of) I saw yet another anti-war protest in Federation Square tonight. This is the third one I've been near now, it's getting beyond a joke. Nothing important to report on this one, just the usual 500 people venting their frustrations at society. The only good thing I saw was the really old and crusty bus parked (illegally) outside that belonged to the Socialist Alliance. Now, I may not be a world leading environmentalist but you can't tell me that a 20-year-old combivan is actually going to contribute to the greenhouse situation. Then as I travelled on I realised that all these people who purport to be both pro-green and anti-war really don't have any idea at all. Right the way up Swanston Street you see graffiti and paper stuck everywhere slagging off the war - hardly environmentally friendly protest is it? It's a shame that a few dickheads spoil it for the people who actually practice what they preach, but I guess that's what happens when you're part of a cause that has every rent-a-crowd in the world on it's bandwagon.

PS - Suggest anti-protestor headline? "Sympathy for the Devil" - go on you pro-war types you know you want to use it.

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