Wednesday, 26 March 2003

TSP Retro Rant #8

July 26th, 1995

You know, I just have the sneaking feeling that kids all across Australia are writing exactly the same thing as this but about John Howard with topical mentions of the Iraqi crisis. Personally I think I might have been the lone kid sitting at the back writing about how I hope we nuked the bastards.

French Bomb Testing

To Jacques Chirac,

You are a mass-murdering assasin who only continues testing so you can sell Bombs to the Arabs. You are the scum of the earth and should be executed by a war crimes firing squad. Because of you many French Owned Businesses are going out of business. I HATE YOU

We should lock you up in a cage on Mururoa on detonate the bombs in your underwear. Let's see you explain to the people of Tahiti or Australian when we grow 2 more legs, our eyes mutate and we turn into stupid old men oops... sorry I forgot you were like that.

Perhaps your parents did something wrong when you were growing up, like letting you breath. And is'nt it interesting that you are the only European Leader who favours rolling into Bosnia blowing the Crap out of everyone and leaving.

It was a pity that 4 innocent French People had to die when you are the one who should be burned at the stake, hung, drawn, quartered baked in an oven and shot. You are a facist pig who favours murdering everybody on earth.


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