Wednesday, 12 March 2003

Well, well, well doesn't fate work in strange ways? Just a couple of hours after renouncing cricket I was down at the Post Office collecting one of the 50 runners-up prizes from the KFC Memorable Moments competition that was running during this past summer of cricket.

It's a framed bat with pictures of the moments set around it. All very attractive, although it's not signed by anyone (probably to stop you flogging it on ebay). Not exactly sure how I was in the running, considering how my selections (World Series Cricket, Warney's hat-trick and Bevan's last ball heroics) ran 1st, 7th and 8th in the final reckoning. I think I must have gotten closer than almost everyone else, either that or nobody actually entered the contest.

Allegedly some bogan from Darwin won the trip to the West Indies, but I'd probably get bashed by Merv Hughes if I went on that so it's just as well really.

Once I've had the opportunity to get some snaps of me piss-farting around with the prize done i'll post them on here. Until then you'll have to make do with a scan (46k) of the letter KFC sent me with it.

So, on this hallowed occasion let me just say that

* Richie Benaud is god.
* The Cricketers Box was the greatest single marketing idea in the history of sports/television/fast-food
* And that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that ad where the slips cordon appeals when the batsman was clearly bowled.

Two competition wins in two weeks, I'm on fire at the moment.

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