Sunday, 23 March 2003

TSP Retro Rant #2

March 8, 1995.

"Here's Johnny" (the song, not the Prime Minister) is about to take the world by storm and a young Adam is doing his first written entrance-test for the Canberra Press Gallery

! Mr Keating is a Nazi !

So the P.M has bought up the Republican issue in Parliament yet again, could this be anything to do with the fact that the Labour party is being massacred in the polls. It is yet another vote grabbing exercise by the tryhards in Canberra. I could pull a better government out of my hey, hey, hey.

I don't think it is a not good idea to become a republic because things have been the same for 200 years and we aren't all Barmy Army Manchester United fans who talk stupidly.

Well it's true, isn't it come on admit it you dont care do you, this is all political vote getting exercise.

But on the other hands are'nt you sick of Royal Scandals and stuff like that, I mean who Cares in Prince Charles bonked Camilla it's not he ever loved Diana anyway and if she want's to go have an affair good on her, the only people that save the royal family are Fergie & The Queen because they don't care what anybody says about them, they just get on with their lives.

Overall I don't think that Australia should become a Republic because some stand-up comedian could end up as PM (Paul Keating, Loser, Tryhard). I think I should be President because I would not give $ to other countries.

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