Monday, 3 March 2003

Wasn't it great to see Andy Bichel, the bowler so often shafted from his rightful place in the team to fit the marketing tool in, rip through the English top-order last night? Of course the English tail-order starts with the openers so it's not like doing it against a legit Super Six side like say for arguments sake Kenya, but if you-know-who had done it the newspapers would carry front page reports of what a great Australian he is and ponder when he is going to be appointed Australia's first President.

No, let's hail Andy Bichel for the genius he is while we can because when Jason Gillespie returns from injury there'll be no place for the Queenslander in the Aussies two prongs and a dickhead pace attack.

It's no wonder Lee chooses to wear #57, because that's roughly what he concedes every ten overs of a One Day game. And on that note i'm prepared to put it in writing that if Bichel gets dropped for him in the next game I will never EVER follow the Australian cricket side again as long as I live. Believe it.

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