Tuesday, 11 March 2003

Cricketers = weak crybabies, and not a blonde haired chucker in sight either.

SLEDGING reached a new low in cricket when a Sydney first grade match was deemed a forfeit when two opening batsmen walked off in disgust after just 10 balls.

Openers Nathan Pilon, the NSW reserve keeper, and Nathan Catalano faced just 1.4 overs in St George's second innings against Parramatta on Saturday before leaving Hurstville Oval "shaken".

Good, they deserve to lose then for being such crybabies. What's the worst that could have been said? "We're going to kill you in the carpark afterwards"? Wow, that's scary. Especially knowing that no semi-professional player with aspirations of Shield cricket is actually going to follow through on the threat. What would these idiots have done in an amateur match when there's every chance that the promised violence would actually take place? I can't even begin to catalogue the times I've been threatened with grievous bodily harm on the sporting field (in a game which has an award winning track record of degenerating into a brawl) by people who look like they've just got out of jail and it doesn't bother me.

I suggest they take up something more to their liking like Chess instead. Sad, sad, sad.

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