Wednesday, 26 March 2003

TSP Retro Rant #7

Continuing our series of old school rants pulled from the archives of my Year 8 journal we have the exact same post that the NSW Greens stole their drug policy from. Honest.

Date unknown (early June 1995?)

Untitled rant.

I think that the drug laws are crud because people should be allowed to get smashed anywhere and anytime and the government or welfare groups, should'nt be able to do anything about it.

People say that druggies are uncontrolable and steal to support their habit, but half of the druggies will be dead in a few years anyway, so I think that less druggies will be on the streets in a few years.

Out of 400,000 people at Woodstock every single one of them was puffing on weed or tripping on acid and this was the greatest music festival of all time, and there was no violence.

In conclusion legalize drugs and bring back hippies.

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