Thursday, 20 March 2003

Well apparently it's war on. What else can I say that hasn't already been covered ad-nauseum in the 24/7 radio/tv/internet coverage that's going at the moment. How about a personal address to the nation?

For those of you who are anti-war: Calm down now, it's started and there's nothing you or any of us can do to stop it. You all hated France when they were blowing up the South Pacific, how does their refusal to get involved in this conflict suddenly make them heroes?

For those of you are are pro-war: If (when?) we start winning don't come on the net posting "I told you so" rubbish. People are going to die in this conflict, and even if they're the enemy it's nothing to celebrate.

I think Howard just stuffed up and said "Israel" instead of "Iraq" during his speech. Whoops! Maybe he's just softening us up for the inevitable moment when an American bomb hits the wrong country.

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