Wednesday, 26 March 2003

Further proof (Part 234) that the treeswingers who run Student Unions are a waste of good oxygen.

Last Thursday, before the first shot had been fired in Iraq, law firm Slater & Gordon warned that their clients would count dead bodies in their pursuit of Prime Minister John Howard and his senior ministers for war crimes.

Most of their clients have been vigorous opponents of Howard. Called the Victorian Peace Network they include the Socialist Party, the Socialist Alternative, the International Socialists Organisation, the Democratic Socialist Party, a selection of unions and student unions.

Now I can handle all those other people wasting their time and money on a lost cause, but is this what Students are paying for when they fork over a General Services Fee at the start of the year? Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't their interest supposedly start and end at the students (hence the name)? Fucking morons. What an absolute joke that is. I remember looking through the minutes of the Swinburne Student Union last year when they were having a massive left vs right brawl (and the right were almost as bad when it came to pulling off rorts) and they'd given thousands of dollars to some bullshit protest outside the Baxter Detention Center. They should be forced to promote what they're wasting students money on.

I've never been a big fan of VSU, but this story sure makes you wish for it.

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