Tuesday, 25 March 2003

TSP Retro Rant #5

Date unknown (May 95?)


Does the labour party know what money is? I dont think so, the way they spend it freely. Why dont they cut spending on ridiculous things like OOOOH Defence, why do we need to flog a Billion $ on something that we don't need anyway. Who is going to invade us? Tasmania, N.Z, P.N.G or oh no the big Antarctica and if these greasy scum in parliament really care about the country (Yeh, Right) they would take a pay cut and stop wasting their time appearing on TV and singing theme songs to ridiculous shows on Channel 2 or hanging around the local Club X (or bashing their wives).

And yes, leading it all is that hideous cross between an Italian Suit and a plank Paul Keating acting smug and thinking everybody likes him. HE IS A REJECTED DUD, A LITTLE MUMMY'S BOY AND HE SHOULD DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND DIE. But don't let this fool you that I like the Liberal party. THEY ARE TRANSVESTITES TOO.

And then their are the Greens & Democrats who can only get into the senate because a diseased Lima Bean could get elected to Australian Senate. All they ever do is block bills and annoy all us people.

NUKE CANBERRA AND START AGAIN (At least we don't have Newt Gingrich)

At least to her credit my teacher started spotting something wrong around this point (see the question mark next to the sentance linking the Liberals to transvestites?) Took her long enough.

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